If you have been injured in a car accident, below are some tips to follow to help protect your rights:

  •   Call the police - Immediately at the scene of the accident

  •    See your doctor or go to a local hospital - some injuries may not manifest obvious symptoms
    until a small amount of time has passed.  As soon as you begin to feel pain, contact your

  •      Don’t speak to insurance adjusters! Let the Gatison Law Firm do that for you. Insurance
    adjusters work for the insurance company that represents your opposition.  Their interest is in
    protecting their client and their firm.
  •        Take pictures if you are able.  Cell phones are very handy in this capacity and a picture is
    worth a thousand words.

  • Observe!!! Take note of the behavior of the other party (is he/she drinking, talking on a cell
    phone or otherwise distracted) and inform the police of your observations.

  •        Talk to witnesses at the scene of the accident.  If you are able, write down their contact
    information and their statements.  Ask them to wait for the police with you and give a
  •          Contact your insurance company immediately. Delays in reporting the accident to your
    insurance company could weaken the credibility of your claim.

  •     Call The Gatison Law Firm. Attorney Gatison has successfully represented auto accident
    victims  throughout the state of Connecticut. I will fight for the compensation that you need.
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